z paperize me

cant believe it’s gonna rain again lol this might mean more rain pictures eve

it rained here for awhile it was so lovely ahh

Hello :D



Rio: Um…just so you know, I’m definitely not eating an entire jar of goomnut butter. I would never do that.

Hey guys!! nqn sorry for not posting much lately„, im trying to finish up my summer reading/essay hahha only got about a week and a half until school starts again


i guess you can say that i wont be as active anymore… ): which makes me super sad! thanks for being so understanding hhaha

and pleasepleaseplease…………..requests are closed (ʘ‿ʘ✿) actually i think im just going to close my asks

gooper looks like one of those squid kids from splatoon cute

//nervous laughter hehhheh

okay maybe i designed him slightly based on them cuties from splatoon (eyemask especially)

but thank you!! くコ:彡

more gooper blooper!

Sure!! :D

gooper and a poison blooper!

do you use photoshop? if so what brushes/tools do you use for your lines/colouring? :)

nawww i use paint tool sai! and everything is just on the default brush settings lol or at least i think? i think i made my pen brush softness/hardness super hard so it’s crisp

how do you feel towards the Mario & Luigi series?

oh you mean like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and so on? I’ve only really played superstar saga and a little bit of bowser’s inside story! Soooo i can’t really say much?

But just from superstar saga, it was a reALLY FUN GAME! I liked the controls„, it made it very interesting to battle and stuff! i remember hanging around that one mushroom place a lot?? like you had to go through the desert to reach it? or something….? i think this was the game that made me have a koopaling phase?? lol

here’s a prince peasley lol


Hey shoot me some characters to gijinkas/personify! I don’t really care if they’re a major or minor character! (:

Requests are closed!

reblogs this again

What about Darkly?



killing two crows with one stone hehe the green tinted skin turned out better than i thought hahha