I haven't played paper mario in forever, and came across your blog completely at random, but god, you're talented. Love it. :)

jdsfad h gosh thank you so much!! 

how do people even find my blog anymore im like inactive whoops

im sure you guys have noticed but all i’ve been drawing are requests (which are totally cool cause they keep my blog semi active when i don’t know what to draw) but i’d kinda like to start working/drawing some of my own paper mario stuff ^o^

so i guess requests are cl ose d??? yes.

oh my gosh your blog/art is fabulousssss ; w ; (i dont know what to do with all these paper mario feels now orz)

thank you thank YOU!! \^u^/

koops and koopie koo doing the special feeling meme? o wo

so tHAT”S WHAT THE MEME IS CALLED oKAY i’ve seen it like all over the place but yeahfadimage

(click for full view)

Koops and Koopie Koo being interviewed by Hornfels in Shiver City!! hahh i hope you wanted them humanized?? 

Can you do humanized versions of all the Pixls?

I have an old post with all of them! and this one has tippi?? \^o^;;

I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! :'D d-do you think you might be able to draw another picture of your Humanized Pixl Slim? ;w;

awww thanks!! ^o^/ I’m surprised that the paper mario fandom is a pretty good size eue


i’ve always been kinda unsure about my pixl gijinka cause i don’t see many examples of them and they don’t have too much personality to work withdsjafs but i did see one with headphones aaaaand


slfknsdcfiujsadkl I know you get this a lot..but your art is amazing~! These have to be the best gijinka's I've seen for Paper Mario! (And I know it was a crossdressing but seriously, I especially love your design for Bobbery. QwQ) I'm just gonna say, keep up your fantastic work and take this random watch that came outta no where.

uwuuaa thank yooou im so glad that people like my gijinkas it makes me so happy!!

human lily to complete the flower field sisters!!

hello! I love your art wow! Have you ever considered drawing general guy or anti guy? You should if you don't mind the request ^o^

awwww thank you! and i don’t mind requests! i don’t know what to draw half of the time so yeah sending in requests keeps my blog active  ^o^;; 

gijinka-ed im guessing??? but  uh yeah hdsjafd hahh i’ve humanized all of the bosses from paper mario 64, ttyd, and super but not sticker star yet

Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on?

hmmm not really I usually just get requests which are totally fine! I’d love to give advice if people really want some! i’d like some “asking people out” advice tho winkwink  <:3c

mind if you draw koops x koopie koo? owo

//listens to cutesy love songs

ahhhh these two are just toooooo cute ajsdfasd h-here you go