z paperize me
Hello :D



Rio: Um…just so you know, I’m definitely not eating an entire jar of goomnut butter. I would never do that.

Hey guys!! nqn sorry for not posting much lately„, im trying to finish up my summer reading/essay hahha only got about a week and a half until school starts again


i guess you can say that i wont be as active anymore… ): which makes me super sad! thanks for being so understanding hhaha

and pleasepleaseplease…………..requests are closed (ʘ‿ʘ✿) actually i think im just going to close my asks

gooper looks like one of those squid kids from splatoon cute

//nervous laughter hehhheh

okay maybe i designed him slightly based on them cuties from splatoon (eyemask especially)

but thank you!! くコ:彡

more gooper blooper!

Sure!! :D

gooper and a poison blooper!

do you use photoshop? if so what brushes/tools do you use for your lines/colouring? :)

nawww i use paint tool sai! and everything is just on the default brush settings lol or at least i think? i think i made my pen brush softness/hardness super hard so it’s crisp

how do you feel towards the Mario & Luigi series?

oh you mean like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and so on? I’ve only really played superstar saga and a little bit of bowser’s inside story! Soooo i can’t really say much?

But just from superstar saga, it was a reALLY FUN GAME! I liked the controls„, it made it very interesting to battle and stuff! i remember hanging around that one mushroom place a lot?? like you had to go through the desert to reach it? or something….? i think this was the game that made me have a koopaling phase?? lol

here’s a prince peasley lol


Hey shoot me some characters to gijinkas/personify! I don’t really care if they’re a major or minor character! (:

Requests are closed!

reblogs this again

What about Darkly?



killing two crows with one stone hehe the green tinted skin turned out better than i thought hahha

What about the rich toad in ttyd, in the red dress, whose gold ring you help her find in the 6th chapter?? :D toodles I think?

she has some killer eye shadow 

Omg while i was at Anime Expo, i sAW AN ADORABLE VIVIAN COSPLAYER! THEY WERE SO CUTE! And look at the lady bow and mario plush eue If you know them or their tumblr, message me! I’d like to credit!